Setting Up An Office With Very Little Money To Spare

pre owned office chairs

Poor you. Not a penny more to spare. Not even enough to spare for a weekly trip to the diner. And all for one measly, minor cup of lukewarm coffee. And worn imitation leather seats to sit in. Can’t sink into those, oh no. Speaking of which; how to set up shop when you’re so broke. No banks will help out with a startup loan, they’re beyond even laughing.

Yes, it’s that pitiable, the number of folks who say they can’t afford to start their own biz. With that kind of attitude, they needn’t of bothered. But for those of you who haven’t given up trying but are still not sure how to proceed, here’s one small piece of encouraging news.

Yes, it’s true. Anyone can set up shop, even if they half tried. All that is needed is a little creative imagination but still, a lot of determination. Never a truer word was said. To think outside of the box. So, you need new office furniture to get you going? Says who. And who’s even listening?

Desk, chairs, set of shelves, filing cabinet; sheesh, where’s the money going to come from. Not brand new ergo-dynamic office chairs, that’s just plain crazy. But pre owned office chairs, they fit the bill real swell. No, not worn out like those grubby diner seats. Actually restored, touched up and cleaned up quite nicely.

What self-respecting office furniture retailer would want to do otherwise? And that goes for the rest of your stuff. How’s about a neat antique desk? The brass drawer handles refitted. And this is big, it’s quite posh, actually. And a restored and repainted filing cabinet ready to go to work for you. But not too big, those receipts haven’t been filed yet.